• The student can understand frequently used expressions relating to their day to day knowledge (talk about aspects immediately relating to the student or his family, shopping, places of interest, professions, etc...).
  • The student can interact in a simple manner and is be able to perform simple tasks in various daily situations (at the shops, restaurants, house, office, etc.). 
  • He or she can read and write simple texts and communicate immediate needs. 
  • The student can describe in simple terms aspects about the past and his environment.  



  • The student can interact with a degree of fluency with native Spanish speakers.  
  • He or she can understand the main ideas of a complex text (including both abstract and concrete text). 
  • The student can write clear and detailed texts on different topics. 
  • The student is able to prepare arguments, give his opinion and acknowledge different points of view on different matters. 


  • The student can express himself fluently without obvious preparation and can use language flexibly and spontaneously. 
  • He can establish clear, well-structured and detailed conversations. 

  • The student can understand a wide range of large and complex texts. 

  • The student can write about complex topics in letters, essays or other advanced texts.



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